Connie Gibson’s Awards & Accomplishments Since Coming to China


First Prize Jiangxi Normal University Teaching Awards, each school year (2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2005).

 Mt. Lushan Award (October 2002) The highest provincial award given to Foreign Experts in Jiangxi Province. Connie was also asked to give the acceptance speech representing all 11 recipients.

First Place Award for Best Presentation of Jiangxi Provincial Foreign Teachers, (December 2002) for her presentation on Project Based Education – Children’s Books and Magazines.
 Jiangxi Normal University issued the title “Excellent Teacher” award for three years of wonderful work as tutor of students for speech competitions (May 2003).
National Friendship Award (September 30, 2004), Beijing. The Friendship Award is a State-level Award created to thank and commend foreign experts for their contributions and dedication to the training of Chinese personnel as well as China’s social development and economic, scientific, technological, educational and cultural construction. The recipients of this award have achieved success through working hard and have won appreciation and respect of their Chinese colleagues, promoting cooperation and friendship between their two countries.
4 in 1 – Award. Specially Created – Jiangxi Normal University (January 2005).
This award granted Connie Gibson the following benefits for her service to the University and the Province (The award was given at a specially called press conference).
    1. 1st Class Full Professorship with all of it’s benefits and salary
    2. Fully furnished apartment of her own, for life
    3. Personal car and driver
    4. Paid Assistant

 A joint press conference was held, by the Jiangxi Provincial Government and Jiangxi Normal University, attended by reporters many of which came from Beijing (Spring 2005) The conference resulted in numerous newspaper, magazine and television reports and specials.