Never Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up 

Many years ago when the boys were in high school, I took them up to Truckee, California to one of my favorite places. We stayed at some friends house for a few days over the weekend to play in the snow and get away.  While we were there we became acquainted with a neighbors dog who let us know very early on that he loved to play fetch.  Every time we even came out of the house for a minute the dog was right there jolly on the spot with a stick or something equivalent ready to have it thrown and retrieved over and over again.  This would go on for hours if we would have allowed it. The dog never tired of it.  It was a passion of this particular dogs. 

On the day we were to leave and go back home to the Bay Area we came out to bring our luggage to the car and pack to leave.  The minute we came out that morning the energetic dog was right there again to pick up where we left off the day before. He never tired of the game! However, my boys and I did, so the boys had a brilliant idea. There was a huge log, bigger than a couple of normal size fire burning logs put together, sitting by the other side of the road. It had an arm or stump coming out of the side like it had come off of a very large tree, or had been cut with a saw. 

The boys lifted the log together, walked across the road, threw it as far as they could over the side of the road and it rolled down a slight hill on the other side of the asphalt street where it was out of sight and long gone.  We figured that that would be the end of that, at least for awhile, until the dog got tired and found a much smaller stick or would completely give up and go home. 

We went back into the house to say our good-bye’s and have lunch before we left for home.  When we came out of the house about 1 ½ hours later to leave, much to our surprise and astonishment, that unrelenting dog had diligently worked as hard as he could, pulling that huge log, with his teeth, up the hill and across the street, trying to get to the car so that we could throw it yet again, for him to retrieve. For this special dog, it was like no time had lapsed while he fulfilled his task and went through great lengths to accomplish his objective.  He did it!!! 

We laughed so hard that literally none of us could stop for days and even weeks after that, when we remembered that particular event and of course that very special dog. As he continued to pull the object of his joy closer to us, the friends we stayed with took this picture. It is by far one of my very favorite pictures of all times.  It captures not only the joy and laughter of my family and a friend, but a reminder that sometimes it takes "dogged" determination to follow through with a task and accomplish our dreams and objectives in life. 

I have this picture blown up and hanging in my office at work and at home, as a constant reminder when I want to give up, that even that dog can finish the task at hand if you just plod along long enough to completion.  What an inspiration it is to me and others as I share this story with them.  I only wish that our friend would have taken a picture of the dog with that log dragging behind out of his mouth! It would have made a great set. Oh well, it was a memory none of us will ever forget and one we can always learn from. 

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