This family, is by far, one of my most favorite and beloved families in the world! They are truly one of the finest Christian witnesses, both corporately and individually, that I have ever known!

     Tom is a cardiologist who works on the emotional "heart" of the patient as well as on the physically pumping organ of one. He has always been a very faithful man of God who loves his wife and his family, and he is a true friend to those placed in his care as well. Tom is so intelligent, and has such a clear understanding of Latin,  that he is impossible to play a successful game of Dictionary with, but it's tremendously fun anyway. There's always laughter when he's around.

     Currently Tom is unable to fulfill his normal obligations as a doctor because of a physical disability he currently has. All of his friends and family members are praying for him as he experiences this new and difficult time of dependence and growth in learning. God will glorify Himself in this too!

     Alice is one of the sweetest and most sincere woman of the Word that I have ever met! She has always been a faithful wife, a loving and conscientious mother, and a dear and thoughtful friend! She is a nurse by trade and has administrative talents as well. A finer example of a truly biblical woman of God would be hard to find!

     When the family still lived here in California we at times met together for fellowship, sharing, and studying God's Word. To this day I hold dear those times we spent together as some of my most precious and favorite moments of my adult life. Alice has never been anything other than accepting, loving, and an encouragment to me. Even when other friendships come and go, or at least change, Alice is always there, still as true and faithful as the day I met her, with a hug, a smile, and a word of encouragement for me, as well as for many others. She has never turned her back on anyone, and is a shining example to all of how to live an exemplary life.

     Tom & Alice have three wonderful boys, Steve, Tim, and Dan. Each son has married fine, wonderfully godly women, who are successful in their own rights. The boys are individually admirable young men who have followed in their parents examples, probably even more than they each realize they have.

Here are Tom & Alice with their teenagers before they were all grown up
and married. My how different they all look now, but they get better
looking every year, and their closeness as a family just gets better and
better even though the physical distance between them continues to grow.
From left to right, Dan, Tom, Alice, Tim and Steve.

Tom & Alice and some of the grandkids. 
Hannah on the top and Luke and Benjamin on the right.


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