Let me introduce you to my "adopted" son Scott. I have known Scott since his elementary years.  When my sons were in grade school and I was going through my divorce, Scott was my baby-sitter for Michael and Aaron. Scott was one of the biggest personal and emotional supports I could have ever had as a single Mom in the middle of dire turmoil! 
   At the time and for many years before that time I pretty much ran the high school Sunday School at our church. Teaching classes, planning activities, dinners, etc. There were upwards of 200 kids there sometimes. Out of them all, he was one that always stood out as a tremendous example to his peers and had talent coming out of every pore of his body! He's intelligent, a tremendous communicator, wonderful orator, and has artistic abilities beyond compare (he created my original bunny!). 
Scott and Margo have three wonderful children, Ben, Beth, and Becky. 
    I have prayed for Scott practically every day since I have known him.  I see in him the ability to be another Chuck Swindoll or James Dobson, if you know who they are.  Scott went to Biola in College where he met Margo working at a Marie Calendars restaurant. They fell in love, got married, and have been an inspiration to everyone they have met since. 
     After college Scott went on to graduate school and Trinity Seminary. He is getting his Doctorate degree now while he's a full time pastor of an Evangelical Free church in Arizona. His church is flourishing and growing. His relationship with God is the very central focal point of his life and of course his family falls right in there with that.
    I'm sure that it sounds like I'm as proud of Scott as if he really were my own flesh and blood son.  Well, I am! And I count him among the truly great God-given gifts, and blessings, that I have in my life.  

     When I get to the times in my life when I start to think I haven't had an impact on others lives like I would like, and it does happen, Scott comes to mind and reminds me how God works through each of us, if we give Him the chance, and His promises are faithful and Eternal. 

Here's a picture of Scott and Margo at the airport 
seeing me off to go home.
The smiles and laughter are more the norm for them and I love to
see their happy faces!

Scott's drawing of my original bunny:

Scott and Margo have three wonderful children, Ben, Beth, and Becky. They are some of the most precious, sensitive, and caring individuals I have met at such a young age. This is in no small part due to both Scott and his wonderful help meet Margo who is home schooling them.

Margo is a talented singer, pianist, cook, housekeeper, and many other gifts that there are not room to put in here. 

     I could go on and on with my praise of these young people but it should suffice it to say, an "adopted" Mom II is blessed beyond compare to be apart of their lives!! 

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