Sandy was one of my Dearest and most precious friends. She was a single mother of two boys which she also pretty much raised alone.  

Sandy was a wholesale rep. with various lending institutions over the many years that we knew each other. One day while we were out having lunch she tripped over herself out in the parking lot.  We looked down to see what she had tripped over. There was nothing there.  Around the same time, she was finding that she was having a hard time holding on to things as well.  As the phenomenon seemed to continue she went to the doctor and after many tests and discussions it was discovered that she had something called, "Lou Gerig's Disease."  As time went by she continued to loose control over her muscles until she was unable to walk and had to spend the rest of her life in wheelchairs,bed and depending on others for even the simplest of  things; i.e. feeding her, dressing her, and everything else that we take so for granted that we don't even think about it. 

Sandy just weeks before she passed away. George was her boyfriend and one of the saintliest men I know. He was there for her through everything! He cared for her with loving care and was a dear friend to her! He picked her up almost daily and made sure that she got around where ever she need to go. Jo Beverly was her dearest and closest friend and she also stayed in touch with her at least once a day. She was her right arm and strongest support, along with George. This picture was taken on one of the evenings Michael and I went down to her house for dinner. Oh, how I miss those times and our long talks!

In approximately 3 years from the time she first learned that she had the disease, she passed away on the day of her oldest sons 21st Birthday.  It was a terribly sad day for all of us.  Sandy was by far one of the most enthusiastic, encouraging, and positive individuals I had ever known.  Whenever she would walk into my office, or any room, it would light up as if a glowing breath of fresh air just blew in from Heaven itself! If you had spent any time with Sandy, you could not leave her without walking on a higher plain for the rest of the day. 

As time went on her body failed her but her spirit did not!  All the way up until her death she continued to radiate a positive and deeply growing belief in her Heavenly Father and in His ability to make "All things work together for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose." She had left an undying impression on everyone who even came in contact with her, of how to do the best you could and still have a positive attitude in life, with anything that was handed to you. She had a hard time relinquishing things to other people to do for her, but she did it with gracious and accepting love and never, never took anything or anyone for granted. 

I miss her so very much and I think of her almost daily. Her life taught so many of us how to live, and how to die, the entire time praising God for every moment she had with us. Her life was way too short, but her soul and spirit live on for Eternity. And her precious memory lingers here among us who loved her so dearly.


George and Sandy at Sunday Night Dinner at MOM's
just a few months before she passed away. 
So much fun we always had together.

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