Rick is fairly regular around here. He shows up every few weeks. He is both a plumber and a tow truck driver, waiting to become a policeman (or at least, that is his desired vocation in life).  

    Ricks biggest love is CARS.  He has an older model car that he puts a tremendous amount of time into restoring and he hopes to own his own shop someday, doing nothing but restoring old cars to bring them back to their original lustre and beauty. Maybe some where along the way, he'll discover a way to bring the restored youth back to some of us "older" folks too...... 
    Rick has been coming around for over a year now and I love him very much! When he comes over and enters the house, usually later than everyone else, everyone usually says, "Rick!"   Just like in the television show "Cheers" when Norm comes in.
What is with the tongue?
It must be a guy thing!

Rick's wonderful laugh is contagious when he finds something funny. 
He's moved out of state now and we miss his laughter so much! And we miss himtoo!!!

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