"Nick II" is one of my "advanced, adopted kids". He's not too many years younger than me and he is still one of my kids. - I even have "kids" who are older than me and they call me MOM too. Actually it's more of a title. Nick has been coming over for Sunday Night Dinners approximately 1 1/2 years now and he is a fun loving, commited individual. He is very active in his relationship with God and is a true friend, always ready and available to reach out and give others a helping hand when needed. 

Left is a picture of Nick II when we were at a picnic with some of my birth family. 
We have serious times of discussions also! 
What are friends and family for but to share?

Nick II gets razzed allot because he loves to make comments and opinions in the middle of a movie or show on TV when others are trying to watch, but then he loves to talk and communicate about things that are very important to him, or just what has gone on during the week. He loves friends, family, church and trusting God for what lies ahead in his future... 

With a heart like his, it has to be good. 
You are loved Nick II

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