This is Nick & Christina at their Bridal Shower at Sunday Night Dinner at MOMII's. 
I don't  think I've ever seen toilet paper look quite so good before. 
Everyone had a great time, including the guys!! They designed Nicks outfit that night. 
Tails and spats both.

Christina looking scary for Halloween!
Christina, Nick's wife, is one of the most creative individuals I know. 
She has a band, sings, plays drums, bass, and is one "scary" artist. 
She loves drawing strange and scary, unique things. 
She also is a computer animator and she helped animate one of the scenes in the movie, "Bogus" that Whoopie Goldberg is in, along with that great french guy Pardue or whatever his name is. Her band's web site is: in a cage.
What can I say about Christina, talent, talent, talent. And I love her too.

This is Nick in a more relaxed setting. Watching TV at my house.  He is a very strict Vegen (vegetarian) and he"builds", and practices on drums as the major love of his life. Accept of course for Christina, his wife. Nick's site.

I have known him for a number of years now and I love him dearly! As my own son!

Nick and Christina dressed to kill.
Christina and Nick dressed in their Renaissance outfits for Michael and Jenn's Reception.

See Nick with his drums!

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