Kelly-Kelly's mom 
A baby sister for Halloween 
Nancy Continued!
Justin, Christine and Kelly-Kelly

My sister Nancy's kids.   
Her oldest is Justin. He is a teenager and has been living away from her home for a number of years now but he checks in with us on Holidays such as Christmas and other times as well and it is always good to see him when he comes home.   
The oldest daughter is Christine and a real joy for me!!! She is such a help for her mother, watching and taking care of Kelly-Kelly when she is needed and even when she isn't.  Christine is a wonderful budding Christian young lady who is growing by leaps and bounds. I am very proud of her and who she is becoming!  As often as I can, I try and get her to come and stay with me or at least visit.  
Then there's my priceless Kelly-Kelly girl.  What can I say about her but that I adore her.  She is truly the apple of her families eyes and many others as well.

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