Aaron, Victor Wooten & Sara
Aaron (shown below also) is one of the finest Bass players anywhere, but his favorite musician and  distant mentor is Victor Wooten with Bella Fleck and the Flecktones, which is one of Aaron and Sara's favorite bands. This is a picture taken of them together when they lived in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Aaron in concert waiting on stage  
for a new set to start.

Here is a picture of Aaron performing in concert at Mishiwaka Amphitheater in Colorado.  
His band at the time was called, "Colonel Mustard." Aaron planned the entire weekend music festival. 
Even Joan Baez was there and they had a chance to talk and enjoy each others company while camping out doors.
Musical Peas 2! (Aaron & Toby) 
Musical Peas 3!  (Nick & Christina) 
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