My Mother and Father are two of the finest people you would ever want to meet! 

They raised 5 daughters in a three bedroom, one bath house, worked hard, and loved greatly!  They will be celebrating their big "50" wedding anniversary here in a few months. I was two years old when my Stepfather married my mother and he has always raised me as his very own without any differences between how he treated me and my sisters. 

Dad was always the workaholic in the family and he stayed in the same company for over 35 years. That's hard to say in todays world. I am very proud of his professional accomplishments which are many! Since his retirement he has spent most of his time as an officer for the local Experimental Aircraft Association Club, which he dearly loves. 

Mom & Dad at dinner

Her name is June, bright and shinny as the month and a well chosen name for her! 
She always tries to bring out the best in people and is always encouraging you to believe in yourself and know how special you are. It has always been one of her strong and endearing qualities. 
Mom has always been the stay at home 
family support staff.

Now she spends her time on her crafts, which she enjoys tremendously,and of course doing things with Dad and the grandkids, and great grandkids. 

Mom & Dad met at a dance in San Francisco.
What's in the bag?
A Tribute on Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary
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