Marshall & Rebekah have been dating a long time now and got married about 6 months ago now. 
They are two of the truest and most special Christian young people I know.

I have known Marshall since he was a small child in Sunday School and Awana. I love and admire the young man he has become, and Rebekah is a wonderful and wholesome addition to his life. More faithful friends you couldn't find anywhere. They are a great deal of fun too. AND, they are a wonderful "adoptive" Aunt and Uncle to my precious grandson Toby.
One of our Sunday Night Dinner at MOM II's. 
They were sitting down on the rug enjoying each others' company and of course the group as well. 
Marshall loves old "classic" cars and owns a few himself. I can't figure out if his cars are his job, or his real job? Rebekah works two jobs while going to school as well. However there top priority for them is each other.

Marshall seems to love all forms of transportation.

Here is another example of how much Marshall loves cars! 
He'll try and ride literally anything with great gusto! 
What a guy!
Marshall being silly carrying Nick!


Marshall & Rebekah's "collectable" car - photo 6/21/99 


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