Margret and I met at one of the previous companies I worked for. She immediately became one of my very favorite "kids".   

She is a beautiful person inside and out and is very talented! If you watch her dance it's like watching Ginger Rogers or someone like her! She is graceful and lovely moving around like an angel on the clouds! You should have seen her husband and her dance their first dance together as husband and wife, it was truly a sight to behold. Absolutely beautiful! She even taught Michael to dance. 

Not only is she one of my special "adopted" kids but she is a good friend too! We talk, share, listen to each other and love each other dearly. What more could you want? 

Above is a picture of Margret with a poster that her and Michael made for one of her dance classes she taught, to help add atmosphere. She always does her best to make a good time for others.
My precious Margret sitting in my Grandma's chair. I sat at this chair either in my Grandma's lap or sitting next to her, watching her crochet, or listen to her teach (love) me. My son Michael, had the chair repaired and re-upolstered as a Christmas present for me last year.  What a thrill! And, what a thrill to see my special "adopted" daughter Margret enjoying sitting in it, as I did when I was pregnant with my children. My only real desire is that I can in some way be the on going inspiration and love channel to Margret, her children, and all of my other children, as my own Grandmother was for me. The tender, loving heart of Margret, deserves to sit in the same chair that my Grandmother did! 
This is a picture of Margret 
and one of her students 
in competition.  
She really knows how to dance!
Margret and her husband, Dave, at a dance recital at Arthur Murray Dance Studio.
Margret met Dave when he was assigned to her as an instructor at the dance studio. They were strictly teacher/student with feelings hidden that were growing within each of them. After time, Margret left her job and the two of them got together and became an "Item". Don't they look wonderful together? They fell in love and set their wedding date for June of 1998. Michael took both their engagement pictures and the wedding pictures for them. As a result of their wedding, Michael and Jen started dating and are getting married themselves this Nov. 1999. See how we are blessed by doing things for others?
Margret & Dave dancing, just like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astere,
at the fountains in downtown San Jose. 
- Margret was teaching Dave how to do a special dance
step, even in water. Don't slip! You're doing just fine!
Dave & Margret enjoying each other.
Look at the joy they are each experiencing by being in each others presence! 
Photos like this are good reminders to focus always on the
special times we share together and how very blessed they are to have found each other.

A fun photo of Margret on Chris's page!
Dave & Margret's Wedding

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