The good in our lives, the best in our lives, are made up of memories! Memories that are created by being, and doing things, with the people we love and care about! 

It takes a Special Person to be an individual who goes out of their way to create these memories for the rest of the world! Many times these people aren't even aware that they are the ones who make the memories happen.  

There are also those  individuals who know they make that difference. People who are instilled with a natural sense of humor, timing, and spontaneity. They have the innate ability to fulfill the unthinkable duty of follow through, in spite of those standing around in a state of disbelief or shock! 

Without individuals such as these, it would certainly be a dull and uninteresting place to live. A place of normalcy probably, but not a place that we want to stay around very long. 

Karen is one of these individuals! A Special Person that the world is lucky and Blessed to have around. Yes, I suppose that there are those who might cringe, feeling uncomfortable with the antics that they might not do themselves, but laugh or talk about the memory later, they WILL DO, for these are some of the things that create  the memories we will talk about for many years to come, and throughout our lives.  

In the hot, sultry summer of 1998, in Pleasanton, California a heat wave had come our way and left us pretty miserable, were it not for the air-conditioning in our office building. No one was looking forward to leaving and heading home that evening, due to the heat outside.  

Basically, as the story goes:  Karen said she was hot enough to go wadding in the complex fountain. Upon hearing that statement, an individual in our company, who I will not mention at this time, said, "You wouldn't. I dare you! As a matter of fact, I'll bet you $50 you wouldn't do that. I'll make it $100 if you go through with it, in your swimming suite, at lunch time the very next day." 

Sure enough, that next day at lunch, the Memory Maker walks out to her car,  without saying a word, grabs her swim suite out, goes into the bathroom, disrobes of her work clothes, substituting the bathing suite, and grabs sunglasses, magazines, a floating lounger, and of all things, flippers, which she is wearing as she walks to the fountain. 

Not a minute later, Karen is sunbathing inside the fountain at high noon, enjoying the cool of the water, while the rest of us are in a state of disbelief,  and shock, in the sweltering heat, watching memories being made for generations to tell. 

A crowd of people around the office complex started watching from their windows and calling out for others to come and watch this crazy "cool" woman in the fountain. It's true that while it made most people take notice and start to laugh, everyone probably thought she was crazy. But at the same time, I believe most people were envious of not only her being cool in the water, but more likely, because here was a woman, who in being herself, was able to make people around her laugh and take home another wonderful memory that kept THAT day from being dull, and normal. 

Thanks Karen for just being YOU!!!   I love you very much!!!  . . . .
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