Jewels Hanson. One of my "adopted" daughters who just went to the National Finals for the Jimmy Dean Country Western Music Competition. She ended up 1 out of 6 from around the country to make it to the finals.  I went back to Nashville, Tennessee for my Birthday and as a surprise to my Special Aunt Barbara for her Birthday present. The competition was on Dec. 2 on my birthday and she did a tremendous job as I would have expected. She might not have won the $50,000 but she won my heart, as usual, and the heart of many in the audience. Tanya Tucker and Billy Rae Cyrus seemed to enjoy her as well.  She will really go far!! I have no doubt! Besides I love her and I'm a number one fan. Even though I'm not a country music lover, I'm a Jewels lover!! 
Here are pictures of Jewels at the Marriot hotel in Nashville the evening after the competition. 
She sang there too. Aunt Barbara and I enjoyed the entire after celebration and Jewels singing.
The Thrill Of Sharing In A Dream!

Since the very first day that I met her, Jewels Hanson, has had a desire to follow her dream and become "known," and famous.  She has always had an unwavering determination  to follow that dream and has never given up. She has performed on television, is currently setting a new record for singing the National Anthem more times than anyone else while performing in large stadiums, and she has been in many stage productions as well. 

On my Birthday I treated myself, and my Aunt Barbara, who LOVES country music, to a trip to Nashville, Tennessee and the Grand Ole Opry, to hear Jewels compete for the National Country Music Showdown Competition.  She was one of 5 individuals and a band of 5 who had already won across this great Nation, the ability to be here in the presence of the best of the best, to perform with Billy Rae Cyrus and Tanya Tucker.  The winner would receive $50,000.  

The excitement was high,  the talent was tremendous, and the competition was stiff! A very talented young gentleman took the prize money but my Jewels stole the hearts of myself, my Aunt, and many others there!  Jewels did one incredible job performing, inspite of the fact that they wouldn't let her move out of a small little space on stage. She normally is so energetic on stage that she moves all over the stage as well as down the isles, if allowed.  So that hampered her normal act and energy but it was still a great performance.  You will be able to watch it yourself, sometime in March of 1999. Just watch the newspapers, or the TV Guide,  for the time and station of the "Jimmy Dean Country Music Showdown Competition."  Listen and let me know what you think! And remember, whether you enjoy country music or not, whether you are into Performing  Arts or not, follow your own dream, giving it all you've got, and never never give up! God Bless as you travel along your road to your best!  

Love, Connie

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