My Grandma was one of the most special individuals in my life! 
 She helped raise me the first two years of my life, while my mother had to work, and before she married my stepfather.  
 We always stayed in touch and loved each other dearly until her death at the age of 86.   
 She experienced a lot of hardships in her life but was always able to come through them learning and teaching others as a result of what she herself had experienced. She made it through the Great Depression always doing all she could for her family and for others as well. Even with the little she had, she taught her family that there was always room to put another person at their table who needed it.    
 She lived through a year in the hospital with Taberculosis and was a Diabetic most of her life as well.  
 The lessons that she taught me were numerous and she always helped me to reach down within myself and find the strength to go on, no matter what the circumstances might be. 
 What a blessing her life has been, and continues to be, in my life!
  I love her so.

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