Erik is from a very large family, at least in today's standards. Each of his siblings are very talented and creative individuals.  

As a matter of fact his oldest sister Ingrid used to play the piano wonderfully for me back in the days when I did a lot of solo singing for local churchs and Christian organizations. That was many years before I even knew Erik personally and long before their mother passed away. Ingrid is now a wife and mother and a very beautiful one at that!   

Erik himself is a very talented writer! He seems to enjoy specializing in poems, the very dark, heavy, chills-the-bones type of writings. Before reading his poems or writings, I just perceived the word "poems" to be the rather sing song kind of writings, with light and rather flippant, flowery sort of thoughts and words. They never interested me all that much before. Maybe in a card or song or something like that, but that was all. Erik showed me otherwise!   
Although his writings do tend to lean towards the dark side of humanity at times, he is more than able to express feelings of his heart and thoughts on paper, in a way that most of us could only wish to express our deepest concerns and feelings, in any form! He has tremendous creative talents, far beyond what most of us could ever dream of having.  
 Eric is an avid reader, keeping track of exactly how many pages he reads daily, and throughout the year. I think his greatest enjoyment has to be watching videos and especially,
"Twister" which I think he has borrowed mine about 20 times already.
Erik II being silly on the couch, as usual.
Erik's sister, Ingrid,
and her daughter, Lyndsey.
Erik has been coming to Sunday Night Dinner at MOM's now for quite awhile now and he drops in peroidically with his busy schedule, to have a bite and say "Hi" to everyone. 
We all love him very much, wish him well, and pray for him often!

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