Dave in  a Hot Car!
  I met Dave through my son Aaron when they were playing in high school and they started a band  here in Fremont, CA. Then Dave's parents got moved to Colorado and Aaron followed them back there so that they could keep the band together.  They eventually moved to Fort Collins, Colorado were they had a group called, "Colonel Mustard".  The band was tremendous and it broke my heart when it folded. They were quite successful before they broke up and Aaron moved back out here to the Bay Area, California. 

 Dave is probably one of the finest saxophone players I have ever heard! Of course I love him dearly, but I am NOT prejudice! He's just GOOD!  I miss him terribly. However, pictures such as these help me bring back memories of old times and special relationships. 

 Ana & Dave  
- two friends having fun! 

Dave and his friend John in our sound room. Dave is really the one playing the Saxaphone and John is just blowing on it!

Dave on the left, me, Dave's mother, father and
Aaron to the right, enjoying the fun and fellowship in the kid's backyard. 
Zahe has the back of his head facing the camera. 
What good times together!

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