Chris is one of the smartest individuals I know! 


Sunday Nite at Mom's
Chris is BIG TIME into computors and does a lot of graphics, programing, networking and all kinds of other things I don't even understand. 
He's also Michael's best friend! 

Chris with Jen & Michael  at 
"The Good Guys" 
in the city.

Chris, Margret, and Jeff playing around in the kitchen, "Getting it right" making a movie about a ghost story in The Niles area in Fremont, and a car accident.  Jeff is a film maker. He has his own production company in San Francisco and makes music and documentary videos.  He has worked for Lucas Arts and done some stuff on Disney films. He also has been on some movies as a fill in.  Margret is normally a professional dancer and a very good one.  She has taught for Arthur Murry dance studios as a ballroom dance trainer. That's where she met her husband Dave.

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