Aunt Barbara 
- taken when we were at The Opry Land Hotel.

This is my very special and favorite Aunt Barbara, my mothers sister.  
We are standing on either side of Jewels after the big Jimmy Dean competition. 
We were at the Marriott hotel when this was taken and we were enjoying a celebration dinner in the honor of all of the contestants who won the right to go back to the Nationals.  

What fun to celebrate her hard work.

Aunt Barbara and I at our company Christmas
party. I always take her with me as my "date" and we have a lot of fun together at these events. Even though we don't get up there and dance like the couples do, we can sure "cut a rug" and have fun with the rest of them. 

It's so wonderful to be best friends with each other as well as Aunt and Niece!
Here's a picture of Dad and Aunt Barbara together at a wedding. 
They are best of friends as well as brother and sister-in-law. 
Dad does a great job as video camera man!
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