Ana has been coming to Sunday Night Dinner at MOM II's now for over 7 years. She comes from almost 40 to 60 minutes away,depending on the freeway or public transportation.  

She is one of the most sincere and dedicated individuals I know! She holds to her beliefs without wavering and is not ashamed to share them with others. She has instilled in her, very deep commitments and a tremendous capacity to love others. I know that a great deal of that training came from her mother who loved and cared for her own family greatly. 

Ana in the livingroom talking to others. 
What a great listener she is!
Ana just graduated from college, working the whole time as well. She is going on to graduate school to complete her training and go even farther with her studies.  

She is truly an "adopted" daughter whom I love dearly and with great respect! 

Ana's Birthday
Ana & Dave - two friends.
Here is a picture of Ana at Nick & Christina's shower. Christina is in the background. 
We were dressing her up in a toilet paper wedding dress.

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