This is my favorite picture of my "Adopted" son Alan Lin.
I first met Alan when Michael asked him to be in a band called, "Black Fache" that Michael was putting together back in high school. They were one of the best groups of that type of music I had ever heard. Everyone of them was extremely talented individuals and their local popularity grew very quickly! However, they all wanted to pursue their higher education's and  
careers, so the group broke up in very short order.  

Alan is the finest violinist I personally have ever heard, and he has had the honor of playing with many of the local symphonies and been asked to travel with some to Europe. He graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science and Music.  

After spending some time on the eastern coast he came back to the Bay Area to live and work. He now has his own band and also plays with various other groups when they need him.  He, and his talent, are extraordinarily exceptional!  I miss seeing him terribly, but I can  
always listen to his tapes, or just think of him, and it brings back very special memories of a unique and talented individual who is cared for and loved deeply! 

Alan's site: ZOT
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