This is Aaron II. Another "adopted" son of mine. He is a very high caliber, high quality, computor guy. 
He has a popular website for specialized individuals that are big time into things that I don't understand. 
I have known him since he was in Sunday School and Awana as a small child.  He is a true and loving friend as well as a wonderful human being! What a joy it has been since God sent him back into my life again as an adult! 
- I now get to see him almost every week at my Sunday Night Dinner at MOM II's.

Visit Aaron's Web Site

I love it on Sunday Nights when we all have such a wonderful time!
Especially when we can get the straight laced, 
serious Aaron II actually laughing and embarrassed.
(Christina on the left, Sara next to her, Aaron II center, Aaron I almost not seen in the back, Little Toby clapping and laughing to the right, and Nick in the background, holding Toby.)

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